Friday, August 24, 2007


Hello. I thought I'd post a bit about myself first before I start posting my vintage patterns. My name is Marrisa. I live in Missouri with my husband of almost 11 years and our 4 girls ages 8 and under. I am a stay at home mom to those beautiful girls mentioned above. I am also a work at home transcriptionist. This is my first blog ever! LOL.

I like to spend time with my family, knit, sew, make hair bows, recycle thrift store sweaters (unravel them to reuse the yarn), crafting in general, read, surf the net, and I'm sure lots of other stuff that I forgot to mention.

A while back, I became interested in vintage knitting patterns. I have found some that I have begun to rewrite. A lot of them have antique knitting terms that I have had to research to learn what the mean. Some also use needles sizes like "no. 10 pins" which is about a US size 3.'s taking me a bit to rewrite them but it's fun to see all the vintage patterns.

I will begin posting my rewritten vintage patterns very shortly. It takes me some time to get them rewritten. Between family and work, I sometimes *barely* have the time to rewrite the patterns, therefore, I most likely do not always have the time to knit the patterns up to check for accuracy.

So....if you decided to knit any of these patterns and you do find some errors. Please do let me know as I want these patterns to be as error free as possible so that they are more enjoyable to knit.

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